Bitcoin Surge Boosts Casino Market

Currently, a Bitcoin is valued at just shy of $8,000. Though far from the heights it attained in 2017, this year has proven just how resilient the e-currency really is. From the start of the year, the value has over doubled, sending holders and investors into hysterics,

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VegasCasino Software Series: Xplosive/Blue Ocean Gaming

The internet is expanding daily thanks to the advancements of technology. With the expansion of the internet comes the expansion of the tech industry. The online casino industry is a classic example of a high tech market that just keeps defying the odds of what was thought possible on an innovation

Dog House Dividends with Pragmatic Play and VegasCasino

Our objective at, is to ensure that you are thoroughly entertained by our assortment of games and promotions. What better way than to offer you the newest and finest games by the best providers in the business?   The Dog House by Pragmatic Play offers an entertaining array of features and

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Microsoft to Climb Aboard the Bitcoin Network

Bitcoin’s Blockchain is really proving the naysayers wrong in all respects, at the moment. The e-currency has just surpassed the $8,000 barrier, proving all the doom and gloom prophecies over the blockchain to be nothing but feeble opinions of centralised punters. But, that is not all… Tech giants, Microsoft,

‘Dance like a Chicken Day’ Slot Celebration

We, at like to keep things entertaining on the gambling front. Where is the fun without a little quirkiness and humour here and there? For this very reason, we have dug into our ’Special Day Calendar’ to find out what May 14th holds in store for