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Robert is an experienced casino player and writer with many years of experience with table games and slots. Born in the UK, Robert has experienced life and casinos in several other countries since moving abroad in 2008. While blackjack and roulette are his all-time favourites from the list of classic casino games, he’s also a big fan of Sweeps Casinos, where he can use virtual currencies to play the same great games without the risk of using real cash. He also loves finding free demos of new slots and seeing what additional features or exciting aspects the developers have managed to fit into them. Regarding casino writing, Robert started writing online slot reviews as this industry started to grow in 2012 and has witnessed how it’s grown steadily into the massive industry it is now. Since those early days when he watched the first, fairly simple casino games go online and gain popularity, he’s seen how increasingly complex and sophisticated games have been launched. However, he’s strived to continue to make it easy for anyone to understand how to get started. Robert believes that casino games should be accessible to everyone interested and legally able to play, with clear explanations that let them know what they’re going to be playing and how to win. He still writes slot reviews on new releases, but as the industry has expanded, he’s found many opportunities in other areas. This is why he writes various casino-related content, such as news articles, opinion pieces and in-depth strategy guides. Coming from a business background where he has worked for several major banks and insurance companies has given him a good knowledge of the financial side of life. This is reflected in his view of how to handle money when playing casino games, how to manage a player’s bankrolls, etc. His favourite advice to gamblers is to always have a plan and never play with more than they can afford to lose. Meanwhile, his work on numerous online and offline projects has helped him appreciate how to get information across to different audiences. He states that helping newcomers to understand these games is still his main motivation for writing casino content. He stresses that these are simple games and that casino writers should help players by stressing this. A firm believer in fair and responsible gambling, Robert has spent a lot of studying and writing about the regulations in place worldwide. With regulatory authorities getting to work in several different countries and regions, he’s fascinated by the different approaches to doing this. All of this adds up to an approach to casino writing that sees Robert inform readers about all different aspects without taking away from the fun aspect of playing games of chance. Away from the tables and the slots. Robert likes nothing better than going hiking in the countryside or travelling to new destinations. He’s also a keen golf player and tries to fit in a round or three whenever possible.

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