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Mutuo Mbilla

Mutuo, is our online casino gaming expert and writer. She has been providing content to casinos for more than a decade, combining her passion for writing with her love for casino games. Growing up, Mutuo didn’t know much about gambling or casinos; she had the occasional family game night and would watch the adults play poker, but didn’t develop an interest in casino games until much later. When she turned 25, she did an American cross-country tour with her grandfather, and whenever they stopped in a town that had a casino they’d play games for a few hours. By the time they got back home, she had developed a keen interest in all things casinos. She decided to learn as much as she could about different land-based casino games and also explored the world of online gambling. Mutuo eventually relocated to New Jersey and got an opportunity to put her knowledge of online casino games and love of writing to good use when a friend asked her to write online pieces for some of the games they provided at their establishment. It intersected two great interests of hers, and before long she was providing casinos in NJ with website material that walked patrons through different games, provided advice on how to gamble safely, and discussed strategies for different online casino games. She has since written extensively about games like baccarat, poker, and blackjack and reviewed countless slot games. She aims to educate, and everything she writes is geared toward teaching players how they can make the most out of their online gaming experience. Mutuo has a special interest in sweepstakes casinos; the more she learned about them, the more she realized that they were a game changer. In states where there are strict federal regulations about gambling, they allow players a safe, secure and compliant environment where they can enjoy a variety of online casino games. Sweepstakes casinos are legal in every state in America. They were born as a response to government regulation that enforced a “no purchase required to win or play” approach. These casinos do not require real money to play. Instead, players use virtual currency in the form of sweeps and gold coins. That way, the casino doesn’t take any money from them and can give them a good time without breaking the law. Players who win sweeps can redeem them for real money, and those who have gold coins can use them to play endless games, perfecting their play for when they get to the real thing. You can buy gold coins from casinos, but you get sweeps through promotions and prize draws. Players can use their sweeps and gold coins to play a slew of online games. Both come with generous bonuses and welcome packages for more gameplay, and most casinos offer daily incentives and loyalty schemes. When Mutuo has some spare time, she enjoys writing fictional stories and reading up on casino games.

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