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At the very heart of are our knowledgable and passionate team members – a group of talented writers and seasoned experts with a shared love of online gaming.

They combine their skills and decades of collective experience to craft engaging, accurate and helpful content for our readers. From deep diving into the mechanics of sweepstakes casinos to staying on top of the latest trends and developments, we are 100% dedicated to providing you with the best advice and insights.

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AI Data Dives


We don’t just relying on our team’s expert knowledge and experience, however – we’re also harnessing the power of cutting edge technology.

We utilize advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze vast amounts of data from sweepstakes casinos. this allows us to dive deep into the nuances of various operators and deliver detailed insights that go way beyond surface-level observations.

From understanding player preferences and experiences to analyzing patterns and trends in game offerings, our tech-driven approach allows us to offer our readers the most robust, comprehensive reviews and recommendations.