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Want to know how to redeem coins for prizes at Pulsz? Read our complete guide to the Pulsz redemption process here.

Pulsz Redemption Process - How to claim your prices and free sweeps coins

ulsz has quickly become one of the best-loved sweeps casinos in the US, and it’s pretty easy to see why. What first appealed to me about Pulsz was the range of games available; did you know there are more than 500 of them? However, there’s plenty to play for and redeem if you stick around, and you don’t have to pay a penny.

In this guide, I’ll take you through what you need to know about the Pulsz redemption process, how to use the casino’s free coins, and how long you’ll need to wait to redeem prizes.

To get started with Pulsz, you’ll need to use Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins, which make up the casino’s free-to-play sweeps coins.

What are Gold Coins (GC) and Sweeps Coins (SC)?

Gold Coins, which I’ll refer to as GC from now on, are what you’ll spend on games in “standard mode.” SC, meanwhile, are Sweeps Coins. These are tokens you’ll use in “Promotional Mode” that you can redeem for prizes.

GC are available to win through games you play at Pulsz. SC, meanwhile, are a little rarer. You’ll get to claim free SC as part of login bonuses and through welcome deals or as part of GC coins packs (which are chargeable).

Therefore, it’s completely free to win both GC and SC, meaning there’s a chance for you to win and redeem prizes for nothing in return.

What can I redeem at Pulsz?

Pulsz’s GC enable you to redeem extra games and spins via their main casino. When using SC, however, Pulsz lets you redeem cash prizes once you have enough in stock.

The lowest amount you can convert through Pulsz Redemption is around 50 SC. This amount lets you redeem a gift card of your choice. With 100 SC, however, you can redeem a free cash prize.

Keep in mind that these rates and prizes may be subject to change. It’s always good practice to check out the full terms and conditions when you first join Pulsz!

If you’re new to the site and would like a guided tour, look at our Pulsz review for a breakdown of the casino’s games and current offers.

How to redeem at Pulsz

When you’re ready to redeem SC for prizes through Pulsz, you’ll need to head to the “Redeem” menu. You’ll find this on the left-hand menu when you log in.

Then, Pulsz will ask you which prize you’d like to redeem. As mentioned above, you can choose between a cash prize and a gift card. Depending on how many SC you have in total, you may not be able to redeem cash prizes yet.

When you choose “Redeem Cash Prize,” you can transfer to a Skrill account or directly to your bank. Enter the details requested, and the process will begin.

Choosing “Redeem as Gift Card” takes you to a similar menu where you can request a gift card via the Prizeout service. This card will be dispatched to you via mail.

If you have difficulty claiming a prize, you may need to verify your account and identity first. We’ll explore this in a little more detail below.

Pulsz redemption times

The time it takes for Pulsz to transfer prizes varies. The Prizeout service typically takes up to 48 hours to process, but it may take longer. Contact customer service if you are still waiting to receive your gift card after a few business days.

It could take up to a week or more for cash prizes to be processed by Pulsz, not including a three- to four-business-day pending period that can apply to services such as Skrill.

Can I get SC for free?

Yes. Pulsz is a free-play casino, and there are many different ways to claim free SC. For example, when you first sign up as a player, there is usually a welcome bonus granting you GC and SC to help you settle in.

You can also get free SC if you log in each day. It’s worth taking a closer look at the different rewards and prizes available regularly at Pulsz, too.

You will most likely receive free GC to play with. Although this won’t be in Pulsz’s premium coins, it’s worth saving up your GC so you can continue playing games for free.

Yes. Following US sweepstakes rules, Pulsz offers legal ways for players to win free cash prizes by redeeming SCs. That’s mainly because you’re only ever using free sweeps coins!

Unfortunately, Pulsz isn’t legal to play in the states of Idaho, Nevada, and Washington at the moment.

If you’re worried about the rules, check your state’s sweepstakes rules online before you play and redeem any coins.


To start the Pulsz redemption process, you’ll need to provide the casino with a valid photo ID to confirm your age and identity.

That means you’ll need a state ID, passport or driver’s license. However, you’ll also need to confirm that you legally reside in the US.

Pulsz requests a copy scan of an official document listing your name and home residence to do this. This could be a financial statement, a rent agreement, or proof that you pay for a phone or other utilities. Just make sure the document(s) you scan are less than three months old!

How long does Pulsz redemption take?

Pulsz redemption times vary depending on whether you claim a cash prize or a gift card. Cash prizes can take a week or more to process depending on your method. Gift cards are typically dispatched in two to three days, but you must allow for mail delivery delays. “Pulsz redemption in progress” will be shown to let you know it is being processed.

How do I redeem Pulsz as a gift card?

Head to the “Redeem” section listed in the casino’s left-hand menu. Choose “Redeem as Gift Card” on the next screen, fill in any details required, and you will receive your prize via mail.

Can I redeem Gold Coins on Pulsz?

You can only redeem Gold Coins (GC) to play games at Pulsz. However, you can redeem Sweeps Coins (SC) for free prizes.

Bernabé Palomo
Topic expert
Bernabé Palomo

All about the win, Bernard is here to give you the tips & tricks to maximise your SC stash.

Bernabé Palomo
Topic expert
Bernabé Palomo

All about the win, Bernard is here to give you the tips & tricks to maximise your SC stash.

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